What happens during a Reconnective Healing session?

The client sits or lies down comfortably, and the practitioner will begin to feel for the energy in the room using his hands.  The practitioner then forms the intention to direct this energy towards the client.  As we are all connected to the universal energy field, this client can be anywhere on the planet and still receive the healing as though they were in the same room - there is no loss of power at a distance, and some people even report feeling it more strongly.

In person or at a distance, the Reconnective Healing energy is very powerful and most people will experience it palpably, often like a fast, pulsating light.  Many clients experience a deep sense of relaxation or a sense of time standing still.  The energy may feel warm or cold, tingly or fuzzy.  Some clients find the session itself a deeply powerful - perhaps even spiritual - experience, with beautiful visions, geometries, or perhaps even new colours and unfamiliar sounds or smells.

 Everyone's experience is unique, however, and these are only an indication of some common experiences.  Your experience may be vivid or subtle; the energy works in different ways with different people.

At your appointment time, I will give you a call either by phone, FaceTime or WhatsApp to explain a little about Reconnective Healing and answer any questions you may have. I’ll then hang up and begin the session itself, which goes for 30 minutes. At the end of the session I’ll give you a quick call back to debrief and discuss your experience.

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