Sessions and Packages

Thanks for your interest in having Soul Lab or Reconnective Healing sessions by distance!  We cover all timezones, so no matter where you are on the planet, you can experience the most powerful energetic healing systems in your own home - the energy will come to you!

Soul Lab:

Live sessions (1 hour): $150.00
Correspondence sessions (equivalent 1 hour):

Live sessions are conducted via phone, Zoom or WhatsApp audio/video chat.  Correspondence sessions are typically conducted within 72 hours and the results sent to you by e-mail.

Why are the live sessions so much more expensive than the correspondence sessions?

Simple! Because I live an unconventional lifestyle, which is not centred around the clock, my time is worth a lot more when tied to a specific schedule.  If you prefer to speak to me while the session occurs, you are welcome to book a live slot.  If you just want the results, please book a correspondence session - the results are exactly the same.  If you choose, I can send an hour-long audio recording of the session so you can hear it being performed in real time.

Reconnective Healing:

Sessions: $120.00
Package of 3 sessions: $240.00

For Reconnective Healing, you will be allocated a one hour timeslot, which includes a before-and-after phone call, or video call through Zoom or WhatsApp, if you choose.  The session itself goes for 30 minutes.

All prices are in U.S. dollars. 

Contact for further info or to make a booking!