About Soul Lab sessions - your subconscious has all the answers!

Unexplained emotional stress? Aches and pains? Trouble finding love, or succeeding in business?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could simply talk to the body and ask what was causing all our issues?

That’s essentially what a Soul Lab practitioner does!

Applied kinesiology

In the 1960s, a kinesiologist by the name of Dr. George Goodheart discovered that by asking questions directly to the body, he could obtain a “yes” or “no” answer by pressing on a client’s outstretched arm. The body’s energy system would stay strong in response to the truth, or a positive stimulus; it would go weak in response to untruth or a negative stimulus – allowing him to easily press down the client’s arm, even in spite of their resistance! For the first time, it was possible to speak directly to the body and obtain all the knowledge of the subconscious mind – including answers on what’s causing physical or emotional pain and what limiting beliefs are preventing us getting what we want.

Soul Lab

The only trouble with this is, of course, every enquiry has to be phrased as a “yes” or “no” question – so unless the practitioner knows exactly what to ask, they may not get all the way to the root of the problem. That’s where the Soul Lab software comes in. This software, which was created exclusively for Heilstrom Healing, details hundreds of different energetic imbalances. The practitioner uses muscle testing – either in person, or by proxy from anywhere in the word – to determine the root cause of the issue in question.

Soul Lab contains thousands of potential energetic imbalances, and applied kinesiology allows the practitioner to determine exactly which ones are causing any given issue in the body.  Once the imbalance is identified, the practitioner can instantly release the energetic pattern.  Whether it be trapped emotional energy, negative subconscious programming, imbalanced chakras or meridians, energy weapons such as curses, allergies, toxins, or thousands of other things - Soul Lab can tell you exactly what's causing it and eliminate the energy immediately.

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