About James, your friendly energy healer

My first experience with energy healing modalities came in 2014, when I had a reiki session to help with the depression I was experiencing at the time.  While I did feel a trickle of energy, nothing about the experience particularly impressed me, and I noticed no positive effects afterwards.

Soon after, someone recommended Reconnective Healing to me.  The first thing I noticed upon receiving a session was that the energy was far, far more powerful than what I had experienced in the reiki session, and that the energy was unquestionably positive and pleasant.

I was amazed that anyone was capable of producing such powerful, palpable energy and felt like the practitioner had a superpower!  Although I did not have the vivid, intense experience that some people report during a RH session, the experience was relaxing and very enjoyable.

Afterwards, the pain in my wrist - which had bothered me on and off since I fell out of a tree and broke it at the age of 12 - completely vanished.  At times I felt like I was radiating energy, or that the room had been supercharged with positive vibes just by me entering.  Over the following week I felt moments of great love for others - even strangers or people at work - and sometimes wished I could hug them!  Although that didn't happen, people at work noticed a definite change in me and wondered why I was suddenly so friendly and smiling all the time!  Things that used to bother me no longer did, and I found myself almost wanting to laugh when I saw people stress out about nothing. 

In 2019 I was fortunate enough to become a certified practitioner when Dr. Eric Pearl and associates visited my home town of Melbourne, Australia.  I'm excited to share this miracle of healing with you and hope that you will be able to experience the same profound effects that I did!

In 2021 I launched my own healing system, Soul Lab, which I am looking forward to releasing as a software package within 2024!

Many blessings,

James Rowse, Reconnective Healing Practitioner/Soul Lab creator

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