Frequently asked questions

Q. What happens during a Reconnective Healing session?

Please refer to this short page for full details of what you can expect from a session.

Q. Is there any scientific evidence that Reconnective Healing works?

A. Absolutely!  Around a dozen scientific studies have been performed by respected researchers all around the world.  Some of them, such as the leaf study, were even performed at a distance.  See our scientific studies page for some highlights of the research to date.

Q. Is Reconnective Healing the same as Reiki or Qigong?

A. There are superficial similarities, but no.  Both involve a practitioner accessing the energy field by using his hands. However, research to date suggests that the RH practitioner has access to a far greater portion of the energy spectrum, due to the energy in RH not coming through the healer's body - but rather traveling directly from the field to the cilent.  Reiki and Qigong also involve elaborate, precise techniques and philosophies. When we allow any such thing to stand between ourselves and the energy, we weaken its power. Thus Reconnective Healing offers a far more direct connection to the energy field, and its results are typically much more powerful.

Q. Is it possible to receive negative energy from the healer?

A. No, not in Reconnective Healing.  Unfortunately this is possible with other modalities like Reiki, because the energy travels through the healer.  However, the RH practitioner is merely a catalyst for the energy, not a conduit - and as the energy does not travel through the healer's body, nothing negative can be transmitted.

Q. How many sessions do I need?

A. Only you know the answer to this question. There is no prescribed number of sessions as it depends on the individual.  The RH energy is so powerful that some people will “throw down their crutches” after one healing and never need another, but for others it takes a few more sessions - typically three is enough. Many people report that the second and third healings are much deeper and more profound than the first, due to the body becoming used to the energy and being able to make use of it on a deeper level.  Healings tend to last, so ongoing treatment is not generally required.

Q. Can I have more sessions if I need them?

A. More than three in any short period is not generally required.  But “life happens” and sometimes we can feel drained or imbalanced again after a period of time. It’s certainly OK to return for more, as we can never overdose or be harmed by the energy.

Q. Are some practitioners better than others?

A. The healing is performed solely by the energy itself, not by the skill of the practitioner. So all certified practitioners should give you the same results. However, it's important to be aware that if the practitioner is not certified, they may mix healing modalities or add additional steps, techniques or beliefs into their healing, which has been shown to significantly reduce the energy's effectiveness. I am a certified practitioner and perform healings exactly as specified by Dr. Eric Pearl.

Q. Do you do group sessions?

A. No, as I have found them to be of variable effectiveness. The energy itself is of infinite power, and therefore sufficient of itself to heal a group of any size. However, our power of intention is limited, and this is where problems arise. Obviously, a healing done expressly for one individual will be much more powerful than a healing done for an entire country, because the intention is much clearer. In the same way, individual sessions are always preferred over group sessions.

Q. Can I mix Reconnective Healing with other energy work?

A. It is strongly recommended that you wait 5 - 7 days after an RH session before doing any other type of energy work. One of the reasons RH is so effective is because we allow the energy to do whatever work it needs to, without the practitioner intervening or attempting to direct the healing. This is why it is best to allow the healing to run its full course before attempting any other sort of energy work.

Q. Is Reconnective Healing a spiritual or religious practice?

A. Reconnective Healing has absolutely no religious or philosophical beliefs attached to it. Whether it is a “spiritual” practice entirely depends upon how you view it. Many people claim that receiving a healing deepened their spiritual life or raised their consciousness - so yes, for these individuals, RH can be a spiritual practice. However, you are not required to have any spiritual beliefs to receive a healing - you can choose to see it purely as a scientific phenomenon if you wish. The energy will still work.

Q. What’s the difference between Bruno Groening’s healing by way of the Heilstrom, and Reconnective Healing?

A. Reconnective Healing is basically another way of tapping into the Heilstrom, which is why I named this site Heilstrom Healing. The major difference in the approach is that the RH practitioner is not permitted to utilise any rituals, invoke any intercessors or employ any rigid techniques while performing a healing - as these are unnecessary, and simply get in the way of allowing the energy to do its work. It is also believed that the RH practitioner has access to a greater part of the energy spectrum, making his healings more effective.

Q. What is the success rate of Reconnective Healing?

A. Around 70% of people experience major changes in areas of their lives where they previously experienced difficulties. Even for the 30% of people whose healing does not unfold in the way they had hoped or expected, most still seem to experience positive life effects from the healing.

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