Using Soul Lab with positive affirmations

Positive affirmations can either be highly beneficial and empowering, or can be negative and destructive, all depending on whether the person actually believes the affirmations being stated or not. For example, a well-meaning practitioner may tell us to look in the mirror many times a day and say “I love you” to our reflection. But if we are constantly feeling a sense of shame and self-loathing when looking at ourselves, then all we are really affirming is that we don’t actually accept ourselves. The subconscious essentially ignores the words being spoken and only registers the dissonance between what we are telling ourselves and what we actually feel. Oftentimes people are really staring in the mirror and repeatedly affirming “I don’t love myself”, even though they may be saying the opposite!

There may be several different emotions causing such a reaction – it may be shame, hatred directed towards ourselves, fear, vulnerability, awkwardness or many others. Soul Lab can easily identify which emotions are sabotaging our positive affirmations and eliminate them – leaving us free to stare into the mirror and believe it when we say “I love you!” Of course, all other types of positive affirmations can benefit from this technique – whether it be positive affirmations on love, money, success, spiritual development or anything else you care to bring into your life!

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