Aren’t we supposed to experience our emotions instead of just clearing them?

Some people object to the idea of energetically clearing emotions, believing that it can’t possibly be that simple to deal with such problems, or that it’s bad to clear emotions, because we’re meant to learn a lesson from them.

So aren't we supposed to experience our emotions?  Absolutely! When we feel anger, we are feeling our natural spiritual compulsion to hate evil and aim towards the highest good. When we feel fear, there may be a real and immediate danger to our safety - and the emotional response is our cue to either flee from the danger or put up a fight. Many other emotions, such as loneliness, love-sickness and grief are a natural response to circumstances, too – and each has a healthy role to play.

The trouble occurs when we become overwhelmed by them – when we’ve experienced too many than our body can process; when we’ve experienced traumas (which are really just clumps of powerful trapped emotions stuck together); and when we take them seriously as a reality instead of a signal. We become far too engrossed in the illusions they create to even learn the lessons. Anger no longer has the power to make us love good; it simply engrosses us, becomes irrational, and can even make us do the very things we were supposed to be on guard against. Fear becomes chronic and prevents us from moving forward in life. Even when there is no immediate danger, we feel imprisoned and unable to move forward in life due to the crippling power of this low-vibrational state.

Similarly, all the emotions that remind us of our separation from the infinite – such as loneliness and desire – have the power to inspire us to seek union with the infinite, rather than being satisfied with the fleeting pleasures of the world. But many of us simply get trapped in this state of separation. From such a perspective, it’s very hard to learn the lessons our emotions have to teach us and move forward in life. It’s a bit like being stuck in cave in Siberia, and being told that our lesson was to keep warm.  It would make sense to move to a slightly warmer climate!

In fact, most of the emotions we feel on a daily basis are remnants of the lessons that we were meant to learn as a child, many years ago – or even lessons we were meant to learn multiple lifetimes ago. Many of them have absolutely no relevance to our current daily lives. For example, if a child touches a hot stove, it feels pain and learns not to do so again. But what would happen if we constantly felt the burning pain for the rest of our lives? Would this help us to learn any useful lesson at all? Or would it overwhelm us, and make us afraid to touch anything for the rest of our lives?

In a sense, we all have a “backlog” of emotions that needs to be processed, and once that backlog is taken care of, our energetic bodies are much more capable of experiencing our current emotions, so that we can learn the lessons while the feelings we experience are actually relevant to our life experience. Once the feelings are fully felt and processed by the body, they can be released instead of becoming stuck energy.

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