Reconnective Healing beats Reiki and Qigong in Double-Blind Trials ... Again!

Dr. Gary Schwartz from the University of Arizona provided some of the most tangible evidence yet for the effectiveness of Reconnective Healing by demonstrating that leaves which had been separated from a tree could be kept alive for up to 90 days by receiving regular healings.

Leaves were separated into pairs and matched for size and consistency, then a group of healers were asked to give healings to one leaf four times a day, while completely ignoring the control leaf.

Predictably, the control leaves died around seven to ten days after separation from the tree, which is the usual expected timeframe when no further intervention is applied to keep the leaf alive. Other healing modalities were also applied to the leaves, and while they did have a visible effect, only Reconnective Healing significantly prolonged the life of the leaves - sometimes for up to 90 days!  

Dr. Gary Schwartz

Reiki, on the other hand, made the leaf recover quickly but the recovery was fleeting and its recovery was not significantly prolonged.  Qigong took longer to show its effects but prolonged the leaves for longer overall - though nothing even approaching the 90 day mark.  This mirror's Dr. Schwartz's previous finds on patients with restricted shoulder movement, where Reconnective Healing beat both Reiki and conventional physical therapy in improving range of motion and decreasing pain.

Dr. Schwartz did not proffer an explanation for the superiority of Reconnective Healing over other energy healing methods.  But it has long been supposed among RH practitioners that the treatment is a sort of evolutionary leap of healing, which gives the practitioner access to a far greater portion of the universal energy field - the "heilstrom" - and allows healings to take place on a much more profound level than with other types of  therapy.  Furthermore, the founder of Reconnective Healing, Dr. Eric Pearl, observed early on in his experiments with the Reconnective energy that the most profound healings occurred when the practitioner stepped back and allowed the energy to run its own course, without attempting to control or direct it, and without making use of any rituals or rigid techniques.  Thus, the rigid and ritualistic nature of Reiki and Qigong appears to be partially to blame for "strangling" the energy and limiting its effectiveness.

One of the most incredible things about this study - apart from the massive, visible difference between the Reconnective Healing leaves and every other leaf in the study - is that none of the healers were physically present with the leaves as the healings were being done. In fact the leaves were in a lab in Arizona while the healers were located in Los Angeles - so not only does this study prove  the incredible power of the Reconnective Healing energy, but it also proves scientifically that distance healing works just as effectively as in-person healing - a groundbreaking finding!

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