Is Reconnective Healing evil?

I find it somewhat flattering that the title of this article is one of the most googled questions about Reconnective Healing. No-one asks the same questions about reiki or qigong, because neither of those modalities have RH’s reputation for instantaneous, seemingly miraculous healings. Given that the old spiritual paradigm only allowed for such healings to occur when some conscious spiritual or divine entity granted leave of the rules of nature, it’s not entirely surprising that Reconnective Healing’s incredible record of instant, profound healings has caused some people to ask – who or what on Earth is behind this?

Let me reassure any concerned readers that one of the main factors that attracted me to Reconnective Healing in the first place was its complete avoidance of intercessors and rituals. There are no spirits invoked or prayed to, no incantations or talismans – not even crystals or gemstones. Not only are all these things completely superfluous when performing Reconnective Healing, they are expressly forbidden to any certified practitioner. That’s right, every practitioner must sign an agreement before they are given their practitioner’s certificate agreeing that they will not perform any rituals as part of the healing process.

The reason for this is because, firstly, intercessors and rituals are unnecessary when performing Reconnective Healing. The healing is not the work of some entity – it is the work of the infinite intelligence of the universe. More to the point, the founder of Reconnective Healing Dr. Eric Pearl discovered early in the development of the modality that invocations and rituals actually decrease the effectiveness of the healing. The energy we access when we perform a healing is the infinite energy of the universe – therefore, there is nothing that can be added to it. Dr. Pearl likens it to a jug full to the brim with water – anything we add to the jug can only reduce the amount of water; it cannot make the jug more full. If the healer adds rituals and precise techniques of his own devising, he’s bringing his ego into the equation, leaving less room for the energy in the process. If he invokes intercessors, he’s bringing the collective consciousness energy surrounding that intercessor into the equation. In both cases, there is less room for the energy to do its work. All of this is to say that the invocation of any evil entities is strictly out of the question when performing Reconnective Healing work.

But another aspect of RH that sometimes concerns potential clients is anecdotal reports of flickering lights and electrical equipment malfunctioning after a client receives a healing. This does happen on rare occasions, which is understandable given that Reconnective Healing has been scientifically shown to increase levels of thermodynamic energy in the room where it is performed. It should come as no surprise that when these levels reach a certain point, electrical equipment can be affected by it. It’s also understandable that this could be frightening to the person experiencing it – but to date there have been no reports of any genuinely inexplicable supernatural phenomena occurring due to healings. We also lack any logical explanation for why an evil entity would wish to physically and spiritually heal a person and then fool around with their washing machine while it’s in the middle of the spin cycle. If frightening the client is the end goal, why would the entity choose electrical appliances as its sole method of terror? Why not apparitions or noises? And if Reconnective Healing is an insidious means of hijacking a person’s soul, why scare them off it?

In short, Reconnective Healing is not evil. The healing energy is simply there – all the practitioner does is tune into it and convey that energy to the client. If there were anything evil about the energy then we ought to be very concerned, because the energy is everywhere. The practitioner does not need to consecrate a sacred space to perform a healing – it can be done at a bus stop, in an aeroplane or down a coal mine.

Reconnective Healing truly is a quantum leap in healing, and all discoveries of such a magnitude are fated to meet with suspicions of evil. I could write pages more on this topic, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. To date there have been countless reports of healings from every affliction imaginable – arthritis, depression, ADHD, cancer, PTSD – if you name it, Reconnective Healing has probably cured it. Has there been a single report of a demonic possession, a haunting, or anything more sinister than some electrical appliances turning off? Certainly not to my knowledge. But rather than taking my word for it, why not try it for yourself and see?