You’re not broken - but healing can still help you!

One of the frequent criticisms of energetic clearing systems, such as my own Soul Lab, is that they have a tendency to reinforce the subconscious idea that we are broken. If we’re constantly clearing negative energies from ourselves, seemingly without end, we may unwittingly end up creating a powerful subconscious belief that we are deeply broken. We are bottomless wells of negative energy, we tell ourselves, and it may take months or years of clearings to be rid of it all.  Of course, if we accept that belief then chances are we will never be rid of it all. The body will simply continue to create negative energies in excess of what we’re capable of clearing – or even if we succeed in draining a large part of the swamp, our belief in our brokenness will keep us trapped in our old patterns.

It’s an absolutely valid point, but certainly not one that should prevent you from using such clearing systems – provided you use them correctly and avoid “getting addicted” to clearings.  Most people who raise such criticisms only do so because they’re promoting some competing system of healing that doesn’t focus as much on negative energies. All these systems have their place, and all have their advantages and disadvantages.

Reconnective Healing, which I also offer, is an example of a fast acting healing system, which can change people’s lives instantly, often from one session, without needing to delve into all the negative energies a person may be harbouring. In fact, about 70% of people notice instant, profound changes. But what about the 30% who experience nothing? In my experience, these people tend to have negative belief systems telling them that instant healing is impossible, and that such profound problems as their own can only be remedied by a long, arduous process of healing. In other words, they already believe they’re broken. Soul Lab can help to clear the feelings and beliefs that support this sense of brokenness.

As with this and any other situation where energetic clearings are used, it is important for the client to do their part and begin to retrain their thinking from a state of brokenness to a state of empowerment. Soul Lab cannot instantly fix people who are deeply convinced that they are broken. But it can clear the supporting energies and patterns, giving them just enough of a peek over the fence to enable them to see what things can be like without so much negativity holding them back. From this elevated platform, it’s much easier to begin to form positive thought habits and empowering beliefs. Once a person realises they’re not broken, every subsequent healing empowers them. The subconscious message turns from “There’s so much negativity here – how will I ever get through it all?” To something like “One more barrier gone! I’m getting more and powerful every day!”

I’ve also noticed that among the 70% of clients that respond to Reconnective Healing, many go on their merry way, completely transformed and never needing another session. But some find their problems returning after a period of time. Again, limiting beliefs prevent them from accepting that permanent healing could be possible.

In summary, all types of healings have their place. No approach is better than the other, and no healing system on earth can entirely transform someone if they’re subconsciously determined to remain “broken”. The client must do their part and meet the healer half way, so to speak. By clearing negative energies – as in Soul Lab – or instilling the client with a powerful positive energy – as in Reconnective Healing and other systems – it becomes much easier for the client to do this. This is where the real healing takes place – when the client wakes up to their true, perfect nature as pure spirit in individualised form and takes on a new identity as a perfect and perfectly whole being.