Using Soul Lab to find and obliterate negative beliefs

Hidden deep in the subconscious is the blueprint for our lives. It’s the subconscious programming that determines the way we think, feel and react in response to the world around us. It creates our expectations, which in turn manifests into our outward experience. It determines who we think we are, and this in turn directly determines who we become. If we subconsciously believe that we are unlucky in business, then the universe will align circumstances to make our beliefs come true. If we subconsciously believe we are deeply unlovable, unlucky in relationships, or keep meeting the wrong partner – then our circumstances will be aligned to continually support and reinforce these beliefs.

Many energy practitioners claim to be able to clear negative beliefs, and indeed the beliefs themselves are usually easy enough to deal with. The only trouble is, what caused that belief in the first place? Like so much of life, the answer is emotions.

For example, as a child, we may have been punished for being too noisy or exuberant in public. Our parents may have had good reasons for the punishment – perhaps it was an inappropriate time or place to be noisy. But as the child is unlikely to understand the full reasons for the punishment, they may simply feel the emotion of shame or sadness and begin to form beliefs around it. For example, the child may think “if I feel shame every time I express myself, it must be bad to express myself.”

This belief itself can be easily cleared, but unless the shame that caused it in the first place is also cleared, the body may soon re-create it; or new beliefs may be formed to take its place. In a Soul Lab session, not only are the limiting beliefs identified, but the emotions supporting them are also identified and cleared. Removing the supporting emotions from a belief is like knocking out the foundations of a building. By doing so, the building will quickly collapse – or in this case, so will our negative beliefs. Another great thing about working with the emotions behind negative programming is that one emotion can often support many negative beliefs. Sometimes by eliminating the emotions from one negative belief, clients often find that that other limitations vanish – sometimes ones that didn’t even appear to be related to the initial belief!

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