Love or Above by Christie Marie Sheldon: An honest, non-affiliate review 2020

This is not an affiliate review, and nor am I offering my own alternative to Christie Marie Sheldon's Love or Above audio course. Whether you buy it or not, I gain nothing either way, except the satisfaction of helping you make an informed choice. You’re welcome!

Love or Above, an audio course to help you raise your vibration, is a nice pleasant product but sharply overpriced like all Mindvalley products - even accounting for the fact that only a fool would pay the full $200 price tag instead of easily wrangling a discount. I paid approximately $130 for it, and when you think about the number of books you could buy for that, it becomes difficult to justify spending that amount to download some audio files. Of course, Mindvalley don’t want you thinking about that - they want you employing the same reasoning that all digital downloads use to justify their exorbitant price tag - “if you made full use of just half the information in this course, it’ll change the course of your life, making this a bargain at twice the price!” But how true is that really, and how true has it been for you with previous digital download purchases? Have any of them really contained life-changing proprietary information that you’d never heard before, which worked exactly as described and was easy to apply?  Think about it - you get so much less than you do with a physical product like a book, yet somehow they manage to charge upwards of 5 times the price for it, simply because the internet gives them a chance to directly appeal to their buyers and spread the marketing on much thicker than can possibly be achieved in a bookstore.

In the case of Love or Above, you could get all the information for free - and much more besides - from blogs and YouTube videos and save yourself the dosh. The only thing that could justify spending this kind of money would be if there were some secret proprietary magic in this course that you couldn’t find anywhere else - or perhaps at a stretch, if there were some kind of formal curriculum which would infallibly lead you to a higher vibrational state if scrupulously followed. A bunch of audio downloads on disparate topics and a PDF file just don’t cut it. If you know it’s possible to raise your vibration, you already have the secret proprietary information - all you need to do is apply it into your life with determination and persistence.

Many of the tracks are not even directly related to raising your vibration, such as the exercise for contacting your spirit guides. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as just following along to an audio track, but there are plenty of audio tracks you can download for free from YouTube if you really think apparitions on cue are within your grasp. Other tracks are pure filler, such as the bits about the “indigo generation” and the “rainbow kids”.

According to Dr. Hawkins’ detailed research in the bible of consciousness Power vs. Force, most people never move beyond the bracket of consciousness they settled into once their personalities were established. This is not to say it has to be difficult, but it requires persistence, repetition, constant reinforcement and a plan to bring this all together. For this kind of money, that’s what you expect - a plan. A course of study, if you like - not just a bit of a pep talk, a few nice ideas, a couple of exercises and a smattering of vaguely related topics.

If you’d never heard of this concept before and were entirely incapable of doing a basic web search on it, this could be life-changing and worth the hundreds of dollars. On the other hand, you could buy Power vs. Force in paperback for about $20 and get the same effect, but with twice the information. Bear in mind too that this course has been around for a while and many of the reviews were written before there was so much of this material available on YouTube.

The presenter Christie Marie Sheldon is very charming and really does exude the warmth and positivity of someone living in “love or above” - that is, the level 500 or above on the Hawkins scale of consciousness. Unfortunately, she is the only X factor here. There are no great nuggets of gold buried in the course that you can’t easily find elsewhere.

To be clear, this is a nice pleasant product with some useful information in it, and even just hearing the positivity of the presenter tends to put one in a higher vibrational frame of mind. My concern is purely with the cost, which is completely unjustifiable. Is Love or Above worth buying in 2020? No, not at any price I’ve ever seen it advertised for. Save the money, do your own research and climb that ladder of consciousness for free.