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The heart is one of the most crucial organs in the body, both physically and spiritually. It produces an electromagnetic field that can extend up to 12 feet around the body. It’s also a precisely delicate energetic and physical instrument, and because of the potential damage that can be caused by traumatic experiences, the body has an inbuilt mechanism to protect it. It’s called the heart wall – it’s an energetic structure created by the subconscious to shield the heart from damage by exposure to intense emotional experiences.

And while it works very well in shielding the heart in times of emotional trauma, it also blocks positive energy from flowing in and out of the heart – reducing our ability to love, experience joy, and listen to our heart’s innate intelligence.

If you’ve ever felt unable to experience love or joy, or if you feel cut off from others, there’s a good chance that you have a heart wall. Most people today have one, though few realise it. It often forms in response to childhood traumas – so you may have had a heart wall for years. You may have grown accustomed to this limited state of life, where where love is heart to come by, and positive emotions are muted. You may have come to think of this emotionally dulled state as the normal state of things – unaware that the experience of love and joy was possible for you.

What does the heart wall consist of?

The heart wall is a symbolic wall of energy created by the subconscious to protect the energetic systems of the heart. It consists of stuck emotions – literal balls of energy in the energetic body, that were too intense to be properly processed and released by the body’s energetic system. Most people have many of these stuck emotions, and because they are energetically dense, the body uses them to create an energetic shielding around the heart.

The types of emotions the body uses to form a heart wall tend to be strong, heart-related emotions – often related to love, relationships and self-worth; but any intense emotion can be used. Because the energetic body is our true nature – far more so than the physical, which is merely a solid manifestation of energy – the heart wall is a profoundly real thing. Imagine having a solid wall built right in front of your heart, and imagine what it must do to the energy flow in and out of this vital emotional and spiritual system!

How is it cleared?

Normally the process of clearing a heart wall is a long and time consuming one, requiring a healer to individually identify and clear every stuck emotion from an emotions chart using applied kinesiology (muscle testing) and then individually clearing them. Naturally this takes quite a lot of work, and usually necessitates an indeterminate number of sessions before it can be cleared. In addition, the body can only process so much released energy in any one session, so the healer is limited in how much he or she can release at any one time.

But since the subconscious created the heart wall in the first place, perhaps it could be taught to clear its own creation once the danger to the heart had passed?  The subconscious is an infinitely intelligent instrument, and if it’s intelligent enough to create the heart wall in the first place, why can’t it simply clear the heart wall once it’s no longer needed? Indeed, this is one of the great mysteries of the subconscious, and although it rarely clears heart walls of its own accord, it can certainly be taught to do so!

In the 1990s, a Canadian psychologist by the name of Dr. Garry Flint created a unique process of healing traumas and multiple personality disorders, which involved teaching the subconscious to heal and reintegrate split personality parts. Dr. Flint’s technique has proven itself tremendously successful in the treatment of these disorders, so why couldn’t it be used to heal other conditions, including heart walls?  As it turns out, yes – the subconscious can be taught to clear a heart wall! Even better, it can be taught to automatically do so – so if it ever needs to re-create a heart wall, it can be taught to clear it once the danger to the heart has passed!

The process of teaching the subconscious is simple. I send you a short 3 minute audio recording which contains instructions to the subconscious on how to clear stuck energies.  I then tune into your energy field and test for any subconscious resistance, using muscle testing. As Dr. Flint discovered, some parts of the personality can be frightened or threatened by the possibility of dredging up old emotions. I will reassure any concerned personality parts that they are safe, and educate them about the benefits of the treatment. All of this is done energetically, so you do not need to be present.

Once all personality parts agree to the healing, I will instruct the subconscious to commence the treatment, and adjust the rate of clearing as needed to ensure that the body never clears more emotions than it can handle at any one time.  I will check in with your subconscious regularly to ensure the healing stays on track, and clear any other blocks that might arise.

Do I need to be present in the room with you while the clearing takes place?

Absolutely not! You do not even need to be on the phone. The clearing can be done at any time from anywhere. I will e-mail my initial findings to you and keep you regularly updated as the clearing progresses.

How is it possible to clear energies from a distance?

It is possible because we are all connected to the same universal energy field. This energy field has been well known in spiritual circles for centuries – and in some enlightened scientific circles. Healers like Bruno Groening called it the heilstrom. Nicola Tesla called it the ether. Modern science – after denying it existed for many years – now calls it the zero point field or the quantum field. It’s a field of energy, light and information that’s all around us and everywhere.  Because we are all connected to the same universal energy field, the distance between us is purely physical. Spiritually and energetically, we are all connected.

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