How to quickly cure chronic bad luck

Chronic bad luck can be an infuriating experience. Green lights turn red immediately as you approach them. You find yourself running to bus stops to catch buses that pull away mere moments before you arrive. The slowest shoppers in the world appear out of nowhere and beat you to the checkout. Any chronically unlucky readers could add many examples to this list.

The most infuriating aspect is the improbability of it all. For the chronically unlucky, it’s not simply a matter of “the luck of the draw”. It really does seem like it’s all being orchestrated with the sole purpose of infuriating the sufferer – and in fact that’s very nearly true. It really is all being orchestrated; only not with any malicious intent. Massive bad luck occurs because we expect it; and the recurring experience of expectations fulfilled only increases the expectations and perpetuates the problem. As anyone in the middle of this vicious cycle knows, getting angry at the problem only makes it worse. What is required is a massive shift in thinking, as well as a little bit of fortitude and patience, in case the results of the shift are not experienced instantaneously.

A lack of patience and fortitude amongst the perennially unlucky is one of the reasons why saying positive luck affirmations alone tends not to work. The results are not instantaneous, and so the first bit of infuriatingly implausible bad luck has a tendency to ruin the good vibes and disrupt the new patterns before they are established. Maintaining a positive attitude in the face of this is tremendously challenging; and even if we succeed, it may not be enough to change the existing negative patterns. Our shift in attitude must be profound and all encompassing, and we cannot simply paint over our existing toxic thoughts with a veneer of positivity.

Thus, the chronically unlucky man must begin to view each of his improbable experiences as positive proof of his extraordinary power to create his circumstances. After all, what sort of godlike ability to manipulate external circumstances would it require to ensure that bus arrived at just the wrong moment, to the second? Think about how many variables are involved, from the bus driver to the traffic around the bus, to the number of people getting on and off the bus. Yet somehow we managed to line up all of those circumstances to create such an improbable event. We have the power to manifest improbable events, even when many variables are required to align!

Even if we contain the entire event to within ourselves, so that the only thing that needed to be controlled was what time we arrived at the bus stop, it is still an extraordinary and profound power that gives us the ability to control our own timings so reliably and precisely. If honed, this power could be used to ensure that we are always in the right place at the right time.

So this technique consists in greeting every piece of improbable bad luck with the calm realisation that you created each and every one of these situations by unintentional misuse of your creative power, and that the same creative power could just as easily be used to create equally improbable positive events.

People who are chronically unlucky also have a tendency to think that the apparent persecution they suffer somehow makes them ‘special’, as though they were paying the price for some apparent crime – which they may not even be conscious of – or simply suffering at the hands of some arbitrary but specifically targeted cosmic vengeance. Thus, untangling the knot of the toxic thinking that caused this situation can be made more complicated by the tendency to attribute the cause to something higher and beyond alteration.

I could write an extended discourse about how absurd this is, and how it is purely the ego desperately trying to make itself special in any conceivable way. But instead, I’ll simply advise to try the technique for yourself, and you will see that “God is no respecter of persons.” (Acts 10:34).  You are not so important that the universe has singled you out from billions in order to make you the sole exclusion from the operation of the universal law.

If you apply this technique to every piece of bad luck you encounter throughout your day, a number of amazing changes will happen. Firstly, you’ll feel so much better just by changing your attitude that any actual changes in fortune will seem like a bonus. Secondly, you’ll soon begin to forget all about those feelings of frustration and persecution that previously plagued you, and once they’ve faded away from your consciousness, you’ll notice fewer and fewer events occurring to provoke those feelings.

Once you’re comfortable with the process and have accepted that it actually works for you, then you can begin to indulge the feelings of power and use them to create expectations of positive luck in the future. However, you must not walk before you can run. Get familiar with the basic procedure first, and once you’ve seen enough positive results to know for sure that it works, then you can move on to the next stage.

The great thing about this technique is that once you’ve seen the results for yourself, manifesting positive events becomes virtually effortless. Attempting to do so via traditional methods can be a lot more challenging – after all, it’s one thing to sit in a room and attempt to visualise how powerful you are. But it’s another thing altogether to actually feel the truth of this visualisation, and not allow it to get swamped by doubts, memories of past experiences, or concerns about performing the technique correctly. It’s much easier to take the plain, decisive evidence of your own power that’s right in front of you and use it to your advantage. Recognising the occurrence of improbable events in your own life is a real life way to harness that power.

It’s worth repeating, however, that you must not go too hard too quickly, just in case your experience takes a little while to catch up with your attitude. Instant, profound changes are possible with deep spiritual realisations but for the majority of people, it takes a little while to unwind negative programming. The last thing you want to do is set unrealistic expectations of instant perfect luck and fortune which can dredge up old feelings of persecution and accursedness if they are not fulfilled straight away.

I’ll conclude this article by briefly touching on lucky charms. Physical lucky charms are essentially a form of idolatry, which is attributing powers to objects that only belong to God or the Universal Spirit. Idolatry is inverted thinking and not conducive to spiritual development, and it also carries the risk of inducing fears of misfortune if the lucky object is lost or temporarily unavailable.

That’s not to say that lucky charms are completely ineffectual – a few years ago I stood in the middle of a display in a shopping centre that featured several hundred lucky waving cats – I suppose it was in celebration of Chinese New Year. The positive energy in the middle of the display was palpable – these objects really can carry positive energy along with them, just purely by being physical representations of a thought in the collective consciousness. Like a mantra that’s been chanted a million times before throughout the centuries, recognised lucky charm symbols tend to be more powerful than arbitrary ones.

Invoking the energy behind those symbols can be another powerful means of bringing good fortune into your life, and one that I’ve successfully used myself a number of times. For example, there is a blind corner at the entrance to my local bike track, and I found myself experiencing a run of bad luck – where 80% of the time or more, I would approach the corner to find another cyclist instantly coming around it. Usually these cyclists happened to be extremely slow, which is a hassle on a winding path with many blind corners as overtaking is difficult. Often I’d end up stuck behind them for several kilometres of the journey.

This all came to an end when I began to visualise a four leaf clover at the entry point of the bike track, every time I approached it. Since then I have been intercepted by slow cyclists no more than twice – the turnaround is simply miraculous.

No-one need be a victim of bad luck any longer. You are powerful, and the evidence of your power is everywhere – all you need to do is recognise it, cultivate it, and use it to bring good into your world. Go forth and conquer!