Guaranteed heart wall clearing – frequently asked questions

Read on for some frequently asked questions about my guaranteed heart wall clearings.

Most heart wall clearings cost near $1,000.00. How can you offer the same service for only $130.00?

Most heart wall clearings involve a practitioner individually identifying all the stuck emotions and manually clearing them. Naturally, this is a very time consuming process, and it is impossible to predict how many hours the healer will need to spend to fully clear the heart wall. For this reason, most heart wall practitioners refuse to even offer a guaranteed heart wall clearing, and the few that do charge upwards of $800.00.

I use a unique system which involves teaching the subconscious mind to perform the clearing itself. Therefore, most of the work is performed automatically by the subconscious. My role is limited to teaching the technique to the subconscious, negotiating with any reluctant aspects of your subconscious mind, and checking in every so often to ensure the healing is progressing well.

Where did this technique come from?

The original concept of teaching the subconscious mind to identify and clear stuck energies and traumas was created in the 1990s by a brilliant Canadian psychologist, Dr. Garry Flint. His technique, named ‘Process Healing’ was successfully used by him on thousands of patients over many years.  I combined Dr. Flint’s remarkable technique with my own knowledge of energy healing modalities to create a far more efficient way of clearing heart walls.

How does the technique work?

After giving some initial instructions to the subconscious and removing any barriers that may be created by the various parts of your psyche, I leave the subconscious to identify and clear the individual heart wall energies by itself. I check in at least twice a week to ensure the clearing is going smoothly and remove any other psychological barriers that may arise.

Do I have to be hypnotised in order for you to speak to my subconscious?

No, this procedure is completely unrelated to hypnosis. It is entirely energetic and you do not need to be present while it occurs.

Does this involve subliminal messages?

No. The instructions I will give to your subconscious are completely audible to you in the initial setup audio file you will receive. In my follow ups I will provide a transcript or recording of all other instructions provided to your subconscious, if you request it.

Are there any disadvantages to performing the clearing this way?

The only disadvantage – if you can call it such – is that you will not receive a full list of all the emotions cleared from your heart wall. You will, however, receive a ‘top 10’ list of the most common emotions cleared.

Are there any additional advantages to performing the clearing in this way?

This technique often clears the heart wall more quickly than if it were cleared manually. In terms of the thoroughness of the clearing, both techniques clear the heart wall equally – there is no advantage to using my technique. However, you may notice additional non-heart wall related positive side effects from using my technique. This is because part of the initial subconscious training process involves negotiating with any parts of your personality that may be subconsciously resistant to allowing the clearing. By clearing up these subconscious blocks, clients sometimes report that other areas of their lives swiftly improve. This is, of course, purely a bonus side effect, and not everybody experiences it.

What is the success rate of your technique?

When it is persisted in, this technique will clear heart walls 100% of the time – same as any other heart wall clearing technique.

How do I know that your procedure works as well as using The Emotion Code or The Body Code?

For your peace of mind, at the end of the procedure, I use The Emotion Code to confirm that the heart wall has been fully cleared. If any energies need to be manually cleared, then I will clear them and let you know what the energies were.

Will you be teaching this technique to others in the future?

Yes. The heart wall clearings are just a taste of my complete energetic and spiritual/self development system, Soul Lab. The full system is still under development, and all will be revealed once it is complete.

Do I have to do anything?

I will send you a very short (3 minute) audio file to listen to. The audio explains the clearing process in a way that the subconscious mind can understand. It does not contain any hidden or ‘subliminal’ messages – all the information is presented audibly. You do not need to understand any of the information consciously – you only need to listen to the audio to educate the subconscious mind on the process. You will also need to give me permission to access your energy field.

What do I get from you?

You get e-mail updates twice a week on the progress of the clearing, and you are welcome to e-mail me any time with any questions you have.

Will I notice anything while the healing is taking place?

The clearing procedure itself is completely non-invasive and you will not notice any particular sensations or energy from it. However, like any procedure that involves clearing stuck emotional energy, you may notice a ‘detoxifying’ effect as negative emotions leave your energy field. Your subconscious will carefully direct the process to ensure that you do not detox more energies than you can handle at any one time.

Does this mean I will be highly emotional during the clearing process?

Typically no. Most emotions will clear without any noticeable effect. You may notice short periods of heightened emotion, but these typically do not last for long. Once an individual stuck emotion is cleared from the heart wall, it is entirely released from the energy field within 24 to 48 hours. In the highly unlikely event that you feel the process is too strong for you, I can direct the subconscious to slow down the healing.

Do I get a refund if I don’t have a heart wall?

Yes. Almost everyone has a heart wall if they have never worked on it before, but if you are one of the lucky ones then I will issue a full refund, or you can exchange it for other services I offer.

How long does it take to clear the heart wall?

This varies wildly, so it’s difficult to give a meaningful answer. The shortest time I’ve ever seen from someone who’s never worked on their heart wall before was around two weeks. The longest time I’ve seen was around nine months. The majority of clearings are complete within two months.  It’s unlikely that any healer could perform a manual clearing in that time.

Does the heart begin to open as each layer of the heart wall is cleared, or will I not notice the effect until the clearing is complete?

The less energy you have blocking your heart, the more it will begin to open, and many people begin to notice benefits before the procedure is complete. However, the most noticeable effect will come when your heart wall is fully cleared.

Can a heart wall come back?

Yes. If you experience some type of shock or trauma with the potential to damage your heart, the body will create a new heart wall in order to protect it. Although this may seem pesky, the body is trying to protect you.

That’s why I offer two free bonuses as part of the cost of the clearing. Nobody else offers this as part of their service – you can pay $1,000.00 for a heart wall clearing and not get these extras:

– Automatic heart wall clearing: I will train the subconscious to automatically clear any heart wall as soon as it is safe to do so. Replacement heart walls are almost never as strong as the initial one, and can usually be cleared quite quickly; often without you even noticing they were there. The body created the heart wall and it can just as easily clear it once it knows how to – there is no reason why you need to be stuck with one ever again!

– Free follow-ups: For peace of mind, if for any reason you feel that your heart wall has returned and isn’t clearing, e-mail me any time within 6 months after the initial heart wall is cleared and I will double check for you. If I find anything then I will kick-start the subconscious clearing process again.

Is it guaranteed?

Absolutely! I’ve never seen a heart wall I couldn’t clear. However, for your peace of mind, if it takes longer than 6 months and you feel that you are gaining no benefit from it, just ask and I will issue a full refund.

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