For a limited time, claim your free soul report!

For a limited time, Heilstrom Healing is offering a free “soul report” on one specific issue. It could be love, money, success, spirituality, a specific pain, a personal challenge, a specific goal – or just about anything! Fill in your details below, and you’ll receive an e-mailed report, including information such as:

-What are the major barriers standing in the way of achieving love/success/your goal?
-What percentage of your energy is in alignment with your goal?
-What negative energies are contributing to the issue?
-Are you able, willing, ready, deserving, and committed to receiving love/success/your goal or clearing up your issue?
-Is there an energetic polarity reversal causing you to subconsciously self-sabotage?

By requesting a Soul Report, you are allowing me to access your energy, ask questions solely related to your issue, and clear any negative energies that are identified. As this is an introductory session only, you can expect me to clear around 10 energies related to the issue. However, there may be more energies contributing to it, or multiple layers of energies that cannot be accessed in the first session.

Please note: although Soul Lab is capable of identifying energy weapons such as curses and entities, these are not included in the soul report. One reason is that often these energy weapons are less concerning than they sound, and we don’t wish to cause anyone undue alarm.

I am also well aware that many scam psychics offer free readings where they will diagnose a curse or a malignant entity, and then offer to remove it for an exorbitant fee. I naturally do not wish to be accused of this. However, in a full Soul Lab session, all types of energy weapons can be seen and easily cleared by the practitioner.

Read more about Soul Lab here!